Our Club currently has six active pistol ranges; ranges one thru three are located at 299 Ross Hill Road next to our club house and ranges four thru six are on the Mosena Drive property near the Field House.  Ranges can be used from 9:00 a.m. to sunset, daily.  It is the shooter’s responsibility to be aware of the daily sunset times in Rhode Island.

Range One: is our primary pistol range with a covered fixed firing line and two locations for target placement: 25 yards and 50 yards.  Directions for target placement and types of holders are posted inside the enclosure.  The two target placement distances are the only options when using this range.

Range Two: is to the left of Range One and is set up with a fixed target location.  The firing line can be established/positioned to allow shooters greater flexibility in downrange distance to the targets.

Range Three: our smallest range, is to the extreme left of Ranges One and Two.  Targets must be within 10 feet of the rear berm.  No targets may be placed to either side of the range.

Range Four is to the left of the Field House and is set up for Action Shooting; i.e. IPSC, IDPA, Action Pistol, etc.  Plinking is prohibited on this range.

Range Five: is to the immediate right of the Field House.  It is relatively wide and open allowing for a diverse selection of targets including steel.  Because of the range’s width, at times shooters may be at the extreme left and right sides of the range with a great distance between them.  Shooters must stay in line with each other and keep the same distance from the targets/berm.  At no time can any shooter be positioned ahead of others while the range is “hot”.  Portable stands should be used to vary target distance but an even firing line for all shooters must be maintained.  The target stands must abut the berm such that the bullet trajectory aligns with the lower half of the berm’s vertical face.

Range Six: is located to the right of Range Five.  Targets are fixed and the shooting line is marked.  This range is reserved for .22 cal. rimfire ammunition – no centerfire or .17 cal. rimfire ammunition allowed.

Ammunition:  Handguns and .22 cal. rimfire rifles can be used on the pistol ranges.  Centerfire rifles can be used on these ranges only at authorized and supervised Club events.

Safety first at all times. Eye and ear protection mandatory.


Please police your brass.

Do not shoot high-powered rifles on the pistol ranges and do
not use armor piercing ammunition at any time.